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Comus Inn Restaurant in Comus, Maryland

We recently restored the roofing for Comus Inn Restaurant in Comus, Maryland.

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A Few Words About Us

Corrigan Roofing has 3 GENERATIONS and OVER 50 YEARS of service excellence to our nationwide customers.

We are expert foam roofing and rubber roof repairservice providers. We do foam roofing assessments, roof repair, foam roofing, rubber roofing and metal roof repair; roof coating and treatment for both foam and rubber roofs. We service commercial buildings, residential homes, mobile homes and more. CALL 1-888-318-8417.

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We support our troops and our veterans alike.

Corrigan Roofing supports our military personnel stationed overseas and here at home.

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We use quality and state of the art foam roof repair equipment and products. Foam roof repair, roof patching, rubber roof repairl and foam roof repair. We repair homes, mobile homes, residential beuildings and commercial building alike.